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Because there are glaciers flowing in us

Climate change is causing the melting of the Alpine glaciers. This, is disrupting not only the ecological balance but also the representation we have of this environment. The glacier is a central element in the pictorial mountain representation, then photographic. What happen when it is reduced to a congruent part nestled at high altitude? Are the Alps, and their imaginary world, going to be able to withstand the disappearance of their founding paradigm ?Observing the transformation of the alpine environment, I try to re-actualize their representations regarding the upheavals at work.
I am posting an extract from the book "Parce qu'il coule en nous des glaciers" to be published by "Loco" in September 2022. This book will retrace a "crossing" of almost 20 years in the Alps with a changing landscape, photographing the rapid disappearance of the "glacier" subject.

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Dôme du Goûter, 4304 m. Glacier des Bossons. Mont Blanc Massif, France.
August 2022. Hot summer, dryness. In mid-August, it rained and snowed above 3200m, splitting the Mt-Blanc in two: the heights regained their whiteness while the lower part of the mountain remained brown with dust, pollution and sand brought by the southern winds.